A thought about the 21st C. Skills ... And classroom management

I am very much convinced of the use of ICT in my classes. I genuinely believe that using ICT in my lessons has been a great advantage. Working with students on their 21st century skills by letting them use tools that create digital content, trying to get them to collaborate, instigating them to gather information and critically analyse their findings. Great stuff.

I've been reading a lot of positive elements on Twitter, and it has been an interesting personal learning experience for me. I believe that this will keep on growing for me. Also for the school I work in.

(Okay, the broader implementation on school basis still needs work, lots of work.)

But I am wondering now: how do you work on ICT skills with "difficult" students?

I must say that the last couple of years I encountered some difficult, really difficult, teenagers. 17-18 year-olds that simply don't want to hear anything you're saying. 21st century skills or not! Using ICT: "Sir, come on, I'm not interested. I will find work in the factory, don't worry". It is not the first time I've had to intervene between teenagers fighting ...

Of all the interesting stories and articles I read on Twitter, very few speak about classroom management, and coping with disturbing behaviour.

Classroom management is an important reason why young teachers quit, and search for other jobs. After nine years, I can say I can cope with these difficult (mostly vocational) classes. But I wonder how starting teachers can realise what I'm saying that they should do with ICT ... I am happy that they survive and don't give up their careers as teachers.

ICT 21st century skills - classroom management??

Not easy at all  !! 

Any thoughts on  that?