Call for ideas: didactical use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms

This is an interesting list with Web 2.0 tools for the classroom. 

EDIT: the new list from Edudemic: 

However: using the tool technically and using it didactically in a classroom is something else. Research in Flanders (MICTIVO March, 2010) has proven that teachers often struggle with the pedagogical implementation of new tools in their classrooms.

Therefore this call-out for ideas: through the link below you can access a GoogleDoc and add your ideas. Choose one or more Web 2.0 tool(s) and describe shortly how you used it in a classroom (or how you could use it in a classroom).

Add any other Web 2.0 tool whenever you want …

Hopefully, we can spread these ideas to teachers (in Flanders)!


Thanks for sharing your ideas!