Start building your Personal Learning Network with Twitter - some resources

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For any (future) teacher or professional, setting up a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is important. Amazing what a good PLN can do for you as a lifelong learner ...

"A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last for a lifetime of their students. Today, where individuals can access content on Google, where routine cognitive skills are being digitized or outsourced, and where jobs are changing rapidly, education systems need to place much greater emphasis on enabling individuals to become lifelong learners, to manage complex ways of thinking and complex ways of working that computers cannot take over easily. students need to be capable not only of constantly adapting but also of constantly learning and growing, of positioning themselves and repositioning themselves in a fast changing world."

p. 11

Twitter is a great tool for starting up your PLN.

In this post some interesting resources about PLNs and setting up Twitter as a teacher. There are of course many, many other resources out there.

First of all: What is a PLN?

A great video 'Behind every tweet" via @courosa

A great article with lots of resources via @adaptivelearnin and @BramFaems (and others)

Build a powerful PLN: via @stevewheeler

Some @edudemic resources:

P for 'passionate' in PLN: Via @ShellTerrell and @hrheingold

For Dutch followers:

Feel free to share other resources as comment ...